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Incident On Camino Pablo School Playground Sunday; Moraga PD Investigating

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The principal of Moraga’s Camino Pablo Elementary school is cautioning parents and kids after a weekend incident on a school playground.

Principal Chris Reddam sent out the cautionary advisory after two boys playing at the school Sunday say they were approached by older boys who displayed a knife, vandalized a piece of playground equipment to show that it was real, and then took one of their victims’ bikes. The bike was later recovered.

Reddam wrote: I was informed by a parent that today (Sunday) two Camino Pablo students had a knife pulled on them while playing on school grounds. The students were not injured. The suspects appeared to be teenagers. A police report has been filed and the situation is being investigated by the Moraga Police Department. 


    • Is THEFT ever a misunderstanding? Especially if a weapon is involved? And a police report was filed. Thankfully, no one was injured, and the bike was recovered.

  1. Given the location of the school, it would be reasonable to suspect locals rather than those “passing through”, which is still very sad. There have been two incidents of hate speech at the middle school, which was also vandalized. MUSD schools need surveillance cameras, which it lacks.

    • I thought the same thing. The cops probably know who they are. I DID NOT know about the other stuff, which was really depressing to hear about.

  2. Non-white teenage “outsiders” roughhousing in Lamorinda: “Charge those dangerous thugs as adults and send ’em upstate for 20 years … MAGA!”

    White Lamorinda kids mug children at knife-point on a playground: “Was some sort of misunderstanding?”


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