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What’d I See? Las Trampas Air Rescue – Watch For Soul Shake At The End


We Flashed word of a hiker in distress in the Las Trampas Regional Wilderness area back on April 27 and promptly forgot about it in the face of so many other incidents – until this video surfaced.

Several readers reported seeing a chopper in the area and it turns out that’s the Sheriff’s helicopter, STARR 3, in action with their crew doing the jungle penetration through the tree canopy to reach the stricken hiker.

The helo was her only way out that day and she expressed her gratitude with an expressive handshake with a crew member at the end. The crew, of course, does a lot of this – and many other things – in the course of their day.

Please be careful when hiking in remote areas. If you get into trouble, someone is going to have to come get you.


    • You may have it confused with others we have done in the past on similar rescues, Jessie. But we flashed word of this one via our Flash Alert system when it happened.

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