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Lamorindans Abroad – Chef Charlie Sends Us A Postcard

Vollmar/Smith Kids, Tuscany. Photo: Chef Charlie Vollmar

“Exploring the Lamorinda Hills…”

Actually, here are the younger members of two local families spending some vacation time together in the heart of the Chianti region. These young voyagers are the Vollmar and Smith kids: 2 sets of twins all 17, 13 and 8.

“Best friends since age 6, traveling together!” according to transplanted chef and NEWS24/680 columnist “Chef Charlie” Charles Vollmar, taking a little time away from his kitchen and letting others cook for HIM for a change!

Chef Charlie is working very hard researching the local cuisine (more on that, later) and we may see the fruit of that research on the site in the near future – if the families decide to come back! We’d say: “Enjoy your vacation, Chef!” but, it is apparent everyone is…

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