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Danville Town Council Invites Applications For Business Promotion Fund

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From the Town of Danville:

In its ongoing effort to foster good partnerships with Danville businesses, the Town of Danville is again offering Business Promotion Funds for all qualified businesses.

Each year during its budget planning cycle, the Town Council appropriates funds for business promotion within Danville. The funds must be used for purposes deemed to be most advantageous to a broad range of the Danville business community. Town of Danville Economic Development Manager Jill Bergman said that the funds are designed to be of assistance to the business community as a whole.

The Business Promotion Funding Program consists of two grant categories:

1.     Cohesive Marketing

2.     General Business & Marketing Promotion 

“These funds are intended to encourage business collaboration and to support marketing efforts for events, programs and innovation solutions that promote economic commerce among Danville’s businesses,” she explained. “The funds cannot be used for the preparation of specialized studies or reports, or to promote specific individual businesses or organizations.”

Bergman said that because of the overwhelming response to the program in past years, the Town will focus on providing funding for applications that:

·       Are willing to provide matching funds

·       Demonstrate creativity and heightened engagement

·       Show cooperation among multiple businesses

·       Utilize universal technology solutions for unified business promotion

·       Stimulate economic development in the Town of Danville

·       Promote the “Live Locally” unified branding program

The application process began March 19, 2019. All applications must be completed in detail and delivered to the Danville Town Offices by Monday, April 22, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. A fillable .pdf application is attached to this email.

Those wishing to download the application, or obtain additional information, visit the Town’s Economic Development page at www.danville.ca.gov or contact Economic Development Manager Jill Bergman at (925) 314-3369 or jbergman@danville.ca.gov

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