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The Sunday Sláinte


Wish we could say it’s just another day here in our slice of Suburban Bogside, with traditional fare on hand to mark the occasion, but while our ancestral roots run deep and the trappings are at hand there are somber occurrences to deal with first.

A fatal accident in Concord we Flashed and Twittered about yesterday took a decidedly dark turn when officers investigating the crash scene found bullet holes in the involved car and undertook an investigation into who put them there.

It was determined the vehicle drove off the roadway and collided with the guardrail with the driver, Destinee Shaharisha – Jenae Hillery, 25, a resident of Antioch, pronounced deceased at the scene.

And it appears our Flashes were heating up the wire again this morning as police in Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek stopped a stolen car in the 2900 block of N. Main Street, surrounding the suspect vehicle and coming in “heavy” as the cop show coppers are fond of saying – guns out and up. A couple of readers pinged us about a possible “stickup” at that location but it may have just looked that way.

Our gently-warming weekend was marked by a widespread power outage in the San Ramon Valley that stopped more than a few cocktail blenders – along with one or two downtown traffic lights – Saturday night. If you’re looking for a taste of what the apocalypse will be like just hang out at a four-way intersection during a power outage. Thankfully, we weren’t in the dark for long.

Speaking of gently warming weather it appears people are stripping off in anecdotally increasing number as recent temperatures make the prospect of a Naked Excursion survivable again. What’s the attraction for baring all the Naughty Bits? We’re not sure but rest assured we will not inflict our pasty bods on anyone until we get at least one decent summer tan under our belts.

As disconcerting as it may be to see a naked person feasting from the bulk nuts bins at your favorite grocer, it doesn’t hold a candle to being threatened with death by explosion should you dare miss-cut a family member’s precious hair, an approach that left at least one local cosmetologist with PTSD and perhaps some doubts about her chosen profession this weekend. You may have been able to off-handedly threaten someone in our innocent past but that kind of thing is verboten lately – and if you don’t know why, you aren’t up on current events.

Let’s see, let’s see… flipping through our weekend notes. Oh, parents out there trying to assign blame for a sizable donneybrook in the Orinda BART parking lot Saturday may be surprised to learn that neither Campo or Miramonte kids were represented and, boy, do those school rivalries run deep! And, yes, we know you were kidding. Kinda.

That should do it. The corned beef is “berilin'” in its pot and it’s time for a ceremonial pint. Best of the day to you all.


  1. The homeless are changing in the open more and more often and this may be ending with naked stroll sightings you’re getting wind of.

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