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Police Suspend Orindawoods Search After High-Speed Pursuit, Suspects Still At Large

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Police searching for two men who abandoned their car before fleeing into the Orindawoods neighborhood suspended their search Friday evening. The two suspects, believed to be burglars, remain at large.

A police perimeter went up in the area of Orindawoods Drive and Ironbark Circle at around 8:30 p.m. Friday – immediately after trailing officers briefly lost sight of the fleeing Nissan Murano, finding it abandoned and still running in that area with items officers suspect may have been stolen inside.

No descriptions of the suspects were available.

A police helicopter and canine search units were called out to help look for the men, who appear to have slipped through the police cordon.


  1. Just as an FYI— we don’t have a country club in Orindawoods. Think it is probably the community center building to which you are referring. Thank you for the alerts. Otherwise, we woukdn’t know what is going on!

  2. St. Stephen’s and up is the country club area so maybe that’s the reference? Hope they get some finger prints and give those bad guys an early morning wake up call!

  3. It is quite possible that the suspects are Orindawoods residents who just went home rather than out of towners who “slipped through the police cordon.”

    Why do we assume that people who live here don’t commit crimes?

    • Well, we have seen some locals commit crimes locally, it’s true, but we believe the car was stolen in Richmond and wanted for burglaries in Oakland, so this wasn’t a local tennis pro running from police for sport.

    • This isn’t breaking news, but people outside of Lamorinda always have and always will come here to steal. There’s a reason for it. If Orindans are committing crimes, it’s more likely to be white collar crime – not burglary. Unbelievable.

      • Ummmm, yeaaaah… the theory is almost universally so but we have seen it tested so we keep our little minds open most times – believing that ANYTHING is possible!

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