Home Photos 24/680 Bogs Down After Series Of Automotive Mishaps Thursday

24/680 Bogs Down After Series Of Automotive Mishaps Thursday

Photo: Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

If you were caught in any of them we don’t have to tell you that things went quickly amok on some of our highways and byways today, with impressive traffic jams resulting and lots of inquiries from readers.

Perhaps the most significant crash occurred just before 9 a.m. when two vehicles, one of them loaded with potentially caustic chemicals, collided on a stretch of southbound I680 south of S. Main.

While there were (luckily) no significant injuries sustained in the resulting crash there was apparent reason for caution as HazMat crews did muster and dress to deal with the chemicals which, also luckily, did not spill.

But you have to shut down lanes in order to deal with a crash like that and traffic quickly backed up to Treat Boulevard, with many drivers dodging the scene by jumping onto adjacent surface streets – which also quickly filled up and reached capacity.

Other crashes followed, and are still occurring – we are dispatching warnings via our Flash Alert system when appropriate.

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