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After A Little Work, Sharetea Arrives In Orinda This Fall


Sharetea, a bubble tea shop first opened in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992, is expected to make its Lamorinda debut at 41 Moraga Way in Orinda in the Fall. The chain’s menu features house brewed teas and smoothies topped with tapioca pearls, puddings, jellies, and fruit at its 450+ stores across 18 countries.

Real Estate ace Dave Schnayer says the company is working to complete some interior redesign as well as “substantial” exterior facade work prior to their Lamorinda debut.

In addition to the traditional tea drinks, patrons may be treated to drink offerings topped with Fruity Pebbles or Corn Flakes. Ingredients for Sharetea’s beverages are produced in Taiwan and shipped to its stores.

If you’ve been to a store in the past, share your experience with your neighbors here.


  1. I’ve never heard of them. That’s not saying their not popular I’ve just never heard of them. Trendy with young people in hotter parts of the country?

  2. Little knowd fact. Shar-e-te-a is the next volcano over from Kra-ka-to-a. But those ain’t tapioca pearls we be pullin from the lagoon. Stay safe out there, brah.

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