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Walnut Creek Woman Robbed With Granddaughter In Tow Saturday; Hopes To Warn Others


A Walnut Creek woman was assaulted and robbed while walking with her granddaughter through the apartments at 1420 Creekside Drive around 9 p.m. Saturday – losing her purse and belongings after a brief struggle with her attackers.

The 42-year-old woman has asked to remain anonymous as the thieves stole her phone, work ID and credit cards, trying to make several transactions in different cities after the robbery.

Police were also called and came quickly, the woman said, and while she is sure her case is being investigated she felt she wanted to get the word out about her attack.

The woman said she parked her car on the street and was walking into the apartment complex at 1420 Creekside with her 3-year-old granddaughter when two men she described only as black ran up behind her, grabbed her by the neck and pulled her purse off her arm while she attempted to keep her granddaughter close to her.

She said one of the men held what she believes was a gun against her side during the course of the theft. When it was over, she said, her attackers pushed them to the ground and ran off in the direction they had come.

A review of surveillance cameras in the area the next day did turn up images of the pair, one wearing black pants and a black hoodie, his accomplice was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt with white decals.

“Other people should know,” she said.


  1. I hope the bleeding hearts don’t blame this one on poor schools and lack of job opportunities.

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