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East Bay Regional Park District Police Nab Suspected Car Burglar Working Tilden Park

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East Bay Regional Park District police, responding to a flurry of ten car burglaries reported in Tilden Regional Park between Tuesday, Jan. 29 and Wednesday, Jan. 30, have announced the arrest of a suspect in those cases.

Juan Rodriguez

Officers were able to identify a suspect and subsequently arrested him at a residence in Richmond. The suspect was identified as Juan Antonio Rodriguez, 22. 

East Bay Regional Park District Police Department booked the suspect into the Martinez Detention Facility for five counts of burglary. He is being held on $20,000 bail.

If you have any information related to any of these incidents, please call the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department Tip Line: (510) 690 6549.


  1. This guy does need to get a job. And people need to quit leaving things in their vehicle. You can’t steal what isn’t there.

    • Well, apparently he’s good at getting in and out of cars really quickly so what would that ability qualify him for? Interior Finisher at Tesla? Car Wash attendant? We’re thinking of launching a contest for “Strangest Item Ever Stolen From My Car…” Ours would be a Lab-chewed tennis ball.

      • A pair of used tennis shoes and a coin box with just nickels and pennies in it and an old gas can. Amazingly the Half Moon Bay police apprehended the suspect and returned the stolen goods to us.

          • And a donut or two… I think they were actually pretty happy to have something to do. This was way back in the 70’s when not much happened in Half Moon Bay.

  2. I have to laugh whenever I see a woman make a big show of stashing her purse in the trunk before setting out for hike or run. It’s like ringing the dinner bell for these guys. I guess they can afford to lose their stuff — I can’t!

  3. I worked as a medical courier in college. They broke into my little car and stole what I am sure what they thought were drugs – urine and stool samples.

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