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A Reader Expresses Her Approval Of Washington’s Latest New Deal


Dear Editor;

Thank God it is over. Celebrating today on behalf of all the people out of work and so obviously hurting this past month.

It was so gratifying to see the logjam in Washington finally ease and all those tens of thousands of people who have been struggling all this last month finally get back to their jobs.

I only hope they are able to recover quickly and have not lost too much. The past month has been excruciating.

Loren Davey Davenport



  1. I asked for free groceries from Safeway to tide me over and they are STILL laughing down there. Apparently our leaders live in a world of no interest loans and free food and kindly grocers willing to carry our food bills indefinitely. I want to live where they live.

  2. For the record, your notion that “tens of thousands of people” have been suffering is off by a factor of 100 or 1,000 depending upon how you want to do the counting. I don’t know where you get your news, but I read that more than 800,000 people are DIRECTLY affected by this vanity play. That doesn’t count the normal daily living expenses and commuting expenses the 800,000 didn’t pay to others, the meals they didn’t buy from others, and the flights they didn’t take. That doesn’t count the time-sensitive work in scientific laboratories and criminal investigations that was simply lost due to lack of funding that can never be recovered. That doesn’t count the missed medical procedures and trips to the Smithsonian and national parks. That doesn’t count the potential danger at our airports and other borders. Millions were affected if only in smaller ways. This was a significant economic downdraft in the biggest economy in the world. This was man-made. We have been slapped in the face, and I am not feeling grateful right now.

  3. When Trump secretly had his audience with Putin at the G20 summit he didn’t have an American interpreter present. What’s the big deal? Do you think Putin’s anger translator is unable to make his point. No American translation and no American record necessary. RT will tell us what we need to know. Move on!

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