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Today’s Forecast: Wet, With A Chance Of Sharknado


Well, not as bad as the movies would have us believe but we’re damp and soggy, that’s for sure, with a followup quake (3.5) so far this morning, a jackknifed big rig on northbound Highway 242, trees shaking and power lines twanging like banjo strings.

What does the day – and this latest front – have in store? We shall have to wait and see. And if you want to know about it, stick with us for Flash Alerts and casual patter about life in the 24/680.


  1. Just went for a walk in it – had to shelter under a tree until a cell passed but it was beautiful!!!

  2. I went to Lyndon State College in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont (Think: South Canada). It was a film studies and meteorology school, primarily, and the weather was fierce up there! Anyhow, as a film major, I got to be around Twister for a good year prior to release because there was a local guy / storm chaser (I forget his name) who was hired to consult regarding believability / feasibility / technical portrayal of tornados in the film. I distinctly recall him just sitting there, watching over and over again scenes; sighing, laughing hysterically, planting various parts of his face and head in his palms, and then taking copious notes.

    I do wonder if his input made any difference. It was cool to see the rough cuts, just the same.

    • We liked everyone in it and we’re sure they’re very nice people and all but that movie required an almost herculean suspension of disbelief on our part. We make terrible movie patrons…. we’re always looking for the mistakes!

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