Home NEWS Local Scene 3.7 Magnitude Shaker – Originating Near Piedmont – Rattles The East Bay

3.7 Magnitude Shaker – Originating Near Piedmont – Rattles The East Bay


Small shaker awakens all the light sleepers in the Bay Area, many of whom are checking in via social media.

A few folks are on BART trains, which have been stopped while BART personnel conduct rail inspections. No early reports of damage.


  1. Woke me out of a semi-sound sleep this morning, in Orinda. It’s almost always the sound that stirs me, not the motion… But, I still jump out of bed and wait to see if it escalates or not. I want to be ready to grab my kiddos, if need be!

    I learned when taking a CERT class a few years back that one of the leading causes of injury during and after a quake is cuts on the feet from broken glass. It was advised that you hang framed pictures with quake-resistant hangers, because that’s what falls first and litters the hallways and rooms (often in the dark) with shards of glass. And, keep a pair of easy-on shoes next to the bed.

  2. Didn’t feel a thing. I’ve never taken a CERT class, but having lived in CA all my life, I try to be “earthquake proof.” We do use “earthquake proof picture hangers.” Our ceiling fan is not directly above our bed either. It will crash down on my husband’s side. It’s cheaper to keep him…

  3. Near Piedmont?? Ok, it was not in Piedmont. It was also near SF and San Jose but not there either. It was nearererer Berkeley at the Claremont Hotel von Hayward Fault. Berkeley is still a place on the map. Piedmont is on the other side of the freeway interchange, and you would have to live there to know where it is. It woke ME briefly. “Honey, stop shaking the bed”. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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