Home Photos Local Democrats Turn Out For Party Vote In Lafayette Sunday

Local Democrats Turn Out For Party Vote In Lafayette Sunday

Photo: Linda Riebel

This photo was sent in to us today by reader Linda Riebel:

“Today I was astounded to find the Lafayette Library community hall overflowing with people who were voting on – local party representatives! The line went down the hall and outside the building.

“If so many people came out for a minor office, we can conclude that democracy is alive and well in Lamorinda!”


    • They have their own and any photos they may care to share are welcome here. But this was the election of Delegates to the California Democratic Party Convention for District 16… essentially our 24/680 area.

    • Correct. No Republicans. Some former Republicans to be sure. And perhaps some Russians from the NRA who are apolitical and just like to schmooze.

  1. I would have attended myself and raised a ruckus, but I am too old and slow. However, I do have some wise advice to pass along to the Party: “don’t trust anybody over 30”, but give Pelosi a 2 year contract to seal the deal and Lock him up!

  2. Too bad democracy didn’t carry over to Lafayette Council where they appointed a city council member rather than honoring the vote of 4641 citizens.

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