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In Walnut Creek, The Ice Man Cometh – And Brought A Gift For His Friends

Photo: ENroute

We don’t have to tell you it’s tough out there, and people on the street are having a hard time and sometimes finding it difficult to get along with others who have come to resent them.

The kind-hearted folks at a small market in Walnut Creek know one such person, a man who comes around seeking ice from time to time, ever polite and always smiling – never pushy and endlessly grateful for the ice and water, an occasional coffee and other sustaining comestibles one needs while out on the street.

Earlier this week he thanked the staff at the store with a Christmas decoration, and they were moved to write:

“To say it means something (or everything) to all of us, is an understatement. His bright smile, delightful demeanor and unending graciousness despite his circumstances, is truly inspirational. During the Holiday Season we are reminded to recognize the worth in every individual, to be thankful for all that we have and to share whatever we can with our fellow human beings. 

“We are so blessed to call this man ‘friend.'”

Just thought we’d share that with you all… as well as his decoration.


  1. Sounds like they got one of the good ones. Good for them. Our visitors don’t leave us nice presents. But still a nice story…..

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