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Sunday Snippets


Made it through another week. Whew. Chasing helicopters (they’re fast little suckers), pushing fruit, asking touchy questions people don’t want to answer and – in what has become our new mantra around the News Bunker – we’re “Hanging In, Grinding It Out.”

Used that last bit when someone asked how things were going after a hard week and we think we’ll keep it. Maybe shorten it a little: HIGIO. Grinding it Out.

Thanksgiving was spectacular around The Bunker, thanks for asking. We told you we unplugged and concentrated on cooking for old pals who dropped by for a gnosh and to share some memories and not only did everything come together on the culinary front but we heard some great stories, to boot. Liquor, see, is a great lubricant – apply it to others while not imbibing yourself and you’re sober enough to enjoy and remember the tales of others. It works for us, anyway.

Great yarn we heard during our banquet belonged to a lovely local lady who visited her father at the Veterans Home in Yountville one Thanksgiving, arriving in time to find him lecturing an enthralled group of landscapers, kitchen staff, and any passersby he could corral about his experiences in World War I.

You know, the not-so-Great War. Anyway, our guest notices that Dad is spinning a wonderful tale of troop movements and battles and detailing a fascinating account of his time in France – only “writing” himself in as Commander of the Armies – General John J. “Black Jack” Pershing.

(Bonus points for anyone who can tell us how the good general got his moniker – without Googling, of course. We like history around here).

Amused, the “General’s” daughter creeps up on the little gathering as Dad is winding up his wartime experiences, applauding as he finishes with details of his acceptance of the German surrender.

“How long have you been standing there?” Dad asks sheepishly as his audience drifts away.

“Long enough to hear how you won the war, even though you never made it out of California, General…”

We liked that one. There were others. And dessert.

Tidying up a few loose ends around here we’re still banging on that issue we’re having with Sprint and TMobile customers who have signed up for our Flash Alerts. Apparently some of you have reached out to your providers and have asked why and while those answers may be slow in coming, we may be making some headway on that front. Yes, let’s see… the fruit a reader so generously offered through the site appears to be spoken for, so we’re glad we were able to find a home for those needy lemons and persimmons… there’s a lot of heroin around, yes, and people are using it… yes, there’s a lot of action on the local crime front – with property crimes leading the way and police looking for a suspected burglar in San Ramon last night… for some reason a reader still seems to think we’re the District Attorney – sending us stories buttressing their position on a regular basis and leaving us with no way to tell them that IT WASN’T OUR DECISION TO MAKE.

Hmmm, yes, Steph Curry does seem like a nice chap and while we mistook his Porsche for a Toyota he definitely seems to be having fun – even when rubbing fenders with other motorists on Highway 24 or inking his signature onto the leg of a willing fan in a Walnut Creek tattoo parlor. Yes, those CHP officers did seem excited to meet him and, no, we don’t know if any Warriors tickets changed hands and, boy, did that get a lot of coverage.

Another thing we’ve noticed around these parts, as long as we’re talking about World War I – is how eager many people seem to be for us to stick our heads above the parapet, leading the charge in relation to their chosen issue of the day. Please, if you have a position on a topic you want addressed, make your point and send it to us in the form of a Letter to the Editor. We’re the easiest site to get on to – you just have to man/woman up and take responsibility for your words. We’re not your personal mercenaries – or public relations firm.

Whew. That felt good.

Okay, a little down time today (hopefully) for Sunday Brunch and then back into the trenches (gee, that Yountville story really struck a chord) to see what lies ahead for us all in the coming week.

We shall see. For now, we’re just Hanging In, Grinding It Out.



  1. I think people have forgotten that news in supposed to be unbiased. Just present the facts please! I’ll be watching to see who is willing to man or woman up with a letter to the editor. Happy Sunday!

    • It has been interesting to see. We believe the area we cover to be populated by generous, educated people we happen to like (that’s why we’re here). BUT for some reason there has been a disengagement in critical thinking of late, with some folks equating a story we have run with a policy they feel we have a power to change. It is, to say the least, a bit odd. And we have come to understand how some among us feel compelled to storm a pizza parlor with an assault rifle because of this conflation of fact with their perceived reality.

      • I think MSM does it’s best to create a disconnect when it comes to critical thinking. Apparently it’s working. Keep up the good work and “don’t let the bastards grind you down”. Just keep grinding it out baby!

        • We’re good. Too dumb to die. But thanks for the thought. We’ve also disconnected from MSM, so perhaps that’s why we’re gobsmacked when this stuff happens. We like to take a broad approach when gathering/assessing the news and get if from many different sources rather than succumb to the tunnel vision of a single outlet. Interesting dynamic in play at present.

  2. Black Jack himself requested the help of bilingual telephone operators to sail to France and speed up battlefield communication during WWI, eventually 223 women served in what 60 years later were recognized as the first group of US Army veterans who were not nurses. He threw himself fully into the war effort, all the while grieving the loss of his wife and children in a terrible house fire. I have my grandmother’s certificate thanking “him” for meritorious service, signed by the General. She was a very proud veteran, although like many in the Signal Corps, she didn’t live to see the day their service acknowledged. Check out “The Hello Girls” by Elizabeth Cobbs, or the short documentary by Jim Theres of the same title.

    • Love it. Yes, back in the day only men could have actually contributed to the war effort. Great bit of history there!

      • Also some concern by wives and mothers of soldiers these women were going to somehow be a threat to Our Boys serving over there. True, my grandmother and grandfather (Also US Army) did meet and marry in Paris, but was a simple and sweet love story, and the Signal Corps women served their country with long hours, hard work, dangerous conditions, and a lot of strength.

        • According to granddad’s diary, meticulously penned and stuffed with all sorts of mementoes, the homegrown mademoiselles presented more of a threat to the war effort than our own Signal Corps women. Fascinating history.

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