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Election Day: America Clears Its Throat, Gets Ready To Say Something…


Lots of “I Voted” and “I Voted Early” stickers out there this morning as Americans turn out to let their feelings about the course the country is taking known.

Elections officials characterized the turnout so far as “enthusiastic” with lines at many local polling places.

We’re waiting and watching, as we’re sure most of you are, to see what our fellow Americans are thinking.


  1. I couldn’t care less about politics (political apathy) but voting is important, and I never miss an election. What causes political apathy? The left and the right making everything a political issue, and fighting like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. I hope both sides grow up, and leave us moderates out of your childish antics.

  2. I think the voters of Central Contra Costa County are an engaged and involved electorate. Proud to see crowded polling places this morning. I have my sticker, do you? We can disagree on issues but agree on this: every vote counts. Here’s to democracy, whatever side of the aisle you are on.

    • Thanks, ecurie! Nice post. We’ll take a brave stance, follow your lead, and come out in favor of democracy, too! The alternatives are not very nice. Thanks for writing!

  3. Just discovered News 24/680. Great job, guys. Smart. Well written. More, more. Have dumped East Bay – Silicon/Stanford Times. Please keep it non partisan. A new fan spreading the word.

    • Nicely said and we agree of course with our family here for more than 3 years now. They do keep getting better and better and obviously listen to their readership. You can even talk with them most days and that makes it even better. So welcome David — it’s nice to have another neighbor join the party!!!

    • Welcome, David! Appreciate your comments more than you can know. We are extremely pleased to have you with us and see at least one reader has already said hi. We liked that. Glad you found us, hope you’ll stay – you may find us a little different than other offerings and hope you won’t hold our curious sense of humor and penchant for interactivity off-putting. Please keep in touch.

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