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Order Up, Chef! A Reader Tries Her Hand At Charlie’s Tarte Tatin

A coastal rendition of our local chef's French tradition!

Sadly, we were unable to get our Smell O Vision interface up and working in time to accommodate reader Candy McCorkell’s effort to re-create the fruity goodness of a recently offered recipe from our very own Chef Charles Vollmar.

Chef Charlie loves to cook, obviously, but he also loves it when others are similarly inspired and try their hand at re-creating one of the recipes he offers up in our DigiBites feature most weeks.

Candy spotted the chef’s recipe for an apple Tarte Tatin and,

Photos: Candy McCorkell

using Granny Smith apples from her local food pantry, created a pretty fair representation of Chef Charlie’s version – making a few substitutions to get things done.

“Used the chef’s recipe, decided not to delve into the internet or Julia – go with what you’ve got at hand, you know?” Candy writes. “Used sour cream in the crust instead of creme French (crème fraîche) – damn the person who invented autocorrect, may they fry in hello!”

Aside from crafting fairly hilarious letters Candy is also apparently a whiz in the kitchen – rolling out her dough by hand until everything was just so.

How’d it turn out?

“Smells divine,” Candy writes. “After our ghosts & goblins, (we)  will have leftover pizza for dinner, and you-know-what for dessert.”

And that smells, er, sounds pretty good to us…


  1. Thanks-was kind of fun. Small apples from the pantry leftovers, more peel and core than product, but worked out nicely, and free is good. Have made hot caramel before, so knew to keep my fingers well out of that pan while placing those apples-like molten lava.

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