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Totally Random Beagle Photo: Otis – AKA “The Downtown Hound”

Photo: Otis' Human

We don’t think we need to say that it has been a rough week in Walnut Creek and for its residents so, given the chance to introduce this little dude – a 6-month-old howling Beagle Boy named Otis Stax – we leapt at the opportunity.

The humans designated to bring him things – like Snausages and chew toys – say Otis walks Walnut Creek like a boss, dominating his landscape and charming passersby into doing his bidding. A word of caution: once you look into his eyes, you’re his to command. Just saying.

“We need more of that, sprinkle that Downtown Hound goodness!” his humans say, adding that Otis will almost certainly like long walks on the beach – though he hasn’t seen one, yet – and is given to singing along to the Otis Redding records which led to his name.

Don’t let the sad, “They don’t feed me“-look fool you. At home, Otis rules the roost, his humans say: testing everything that isn’t nailed down and chewing his way through a kitchen table leg when he isn’t busy charming the neighbors.

G’boy, Otis, spreading a little Beagle Love – but then we’d expect nothing less from a Rocking Hound Dog.


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