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Friday Morning News Roundup


Pretty busy news day as we edge into the weekend – with developments on both the national and local news fronts.

We haven’t heard back from Walnut Creek PD relative to last night’s fatal accident on Rudgear Road at S. Broadway, though coroner’s officials did identify the Walnut Creek man killed in that crash and neighbors, apparently, are still trying to get over what they saw and heard last night.

The family of another Walnut Creek man, killed while jogging in San Ramon this week, also checked in with the site seeking additional information and witnesses – and we renewed our promise to post any pertinent details we might get relative to that ongoing investigation.

Currently, we’re handling a number of other crashes and, apparently, a disgruntled employee scenario who may have armed himself in Concord/Pleasant Hill and we’re hoping for a peaceful resolution to that one. We’re also trying to determine if Martinez PD may have made an arrest in an armed carjacking in their city yesterday in which a fairly distinctive car was taken at gunpoint.

Through all this have been the numerous calls, texts, and emails were getting from anxious parents worried about their kids and threats distributed – by texts and email, apparently – at school officials and others. Local police are busy responding to and investigating those threats and, of course, pounced quickly on a man behaving indecently while parked outside Lafayette Elementary School Tuesday.

Please be advised we’re aware of the sensitivity surrounding any sort of activity at local schools and we are attempting to provide pertinent information – when needed – via our Flash Alert system.

Speaking of The Flash, we would like to welcome new subscribers joining us from Danville and Walnut Creek this week, and hope you find our alerts as useful as previous subscribers appear to.

That should cover most of what’s hanging today, we’re off to talk with some architects, builders, designers and chefs and is always a welcome break from less pleasant but important breaking news.

Watch this site for developments, stay in touch, and – while it may be counterintuitive to what we do – try and unplug a little and enjoy a lunch out or something equally enjoyable today.


  1. Did anyone else experience a wrong way driver in a white truck fly by them yesterday morning at 10AM at the 680North 24West freeway merge yesterday? I never want to have this happen in my lifetime again. I was in fast lane going West. Coming straight at me was a white truck at a high rate of speed. I swerved into right lane without time to even see if a car was there. He went flying by me and I could see drivers behind barely get missed as well. I tried calling 911, but line was busy. When I heard someone was killed at Rudgear yesterday, I was sure it was him, but that crash was much later in the day.

    • Hi, Shelley, and thanks for writing. Yes, we covered this incident by our Flash Alert system as a wrong-way driver in a white UHaul pickup made his way up and down the 24/680 yesterday. We know it was really, really scary to go through…

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