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A Reader Writes In Support Of Gus Kramer


Gus Kramer has and continues to function very effectively as the Contra Costa County Assessor. He has successfully overseen a critical county department of 120 employees. More than 60 percent of them are females. He has been overwhelming (sic) re-elected to this position for a very simple reason, he does an excellent job and his department is the primary contributor of funds that allow the county to continue to function and serve the residents of this county.

Any business organization that has well over a hundred employees is going to have malcontents and individuals whose job performance is inadequate to warrant consideration for promotion. This is particularly true for long term employees who feel that their seniority alone qualifies them to become supervisors. Clearly, this is NOT news. However, it seems that if complaints are made and somehow validated by newspaper editorials that they are true in the “Me Too” era.

Frankly, this is a prime example of editors (who may have political axes to grind) trying to “make news” instead of reporting “actual news.” In reality, two disgruntled female employees complained because they were not promoted and a higher performing minority female was.

First, that is NOT news. Second, the promotional decision that was made occurred four levels of supervision and management below Assessor Kramer. Third, no “sexual harassment” ever occurred or was intimated or validated. Lastly, the controversy that has been “over reported” by several publications, took place over three years ago and was addressed and resolved by the Assessor back then.

In full disclosure, I have known Gus Kramer for nearly thirty-five years. I worked with him for several years on the Martinez Planning Commission before he ever ran for public office. As the former president of the Contra Costa County Employee Union – Local One, Gus represented many of those older employees early in his career as a long term county employee.

It is ridiculous to allege that he is now engaging in the exact kind of behavior now that he has fought against for years as the head of the Contra Costa County Employee’s Union. Gus Kramer is a solid and honorable public official who does an excellent job representing the best interests of the residents of Contra Costa County and the employees of his office. That is the reason he was unopposed in his most recent re-election. Public service is and should be about performance in office. He should be recognized and applauded for his job performance, not pilloried for vacuous accusations of behavior that never occurred.

Terry Scott


  1. First of all, the author is BIASED because he admits to knowing Gus Kramer for “nearly thirty-five years.” Secondly, I’m assuming he’s a male, so when it comes to men sexually harassing women – he’s like a virgin talking about sex. I’ve read the accusations. I wasn’t there, but I give these ladies the benefit of the doubt. Men sexually harass women all the time. Men and women know it’s true. It’s never happened to me because men know they can’t get away with it.

    I wouldn’t vote for ANYONE who sexually harasses any person of either gender.

    He’s been re-elected because voters notoriously VOTE IN THE INCUMBENT.

    GO DODGERS 2-2!

  2. In 2009 the county paid out $1 million to settle a complaint by an employee in the assessor’s office, Bernice Peoples, who accused Kramer of sexual harassment, racial discrimination and retaliation. A jury found that Kramer retaliated against her after she filed a sexual harassment complaint in 2000. She alleged then that Kramer offered a motel room key.

    This goes back to 2000, not 2015. He may have “fought against this” but a jury awarded a woman $1 million along time ago. Kramer has a “history.”

  3. Thanks for bringing this controversy to my attention. A little reading indicates quite a lot of alleged as well as documented misconduct. The alleged breach of his fiduciary responsibility as trustee in that Oregon land deal is a real eye-opener. It lends credibility to the other alleged misconduct.

  4. I’m thinking this is in line with what the author of your previous letter to the ed was talking about. Just because you like someone doesn’t mean he or she isn’t capable of doing something wrong.

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