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County Flood Control District Hosts Arundo Removal Event In Danville Oct. 20

Photo: California Invasive Plants Council

Who:      Contra Costa County Flood Control, Supervisor Candace Andersen, the Walnut Creek Watershed Council, and the Contra Costa Resource Conservation District 

What:   Cutting down and removing Arundo from a section of the San Ramon Creek in Danville 

Where: Hap Magee Ranch Park, 1025 La Gonda Way, Danville, CA 

When:   Saturday, October 20th from 9am – Noon.

The most invasive weed endangering creeks throughout Contra Costa County is Arundo.

It is a bamboo-looking plant that grows at a rapid rate and can take over native vegetation. Arundo can cause erosion and bank failures by encroaching on the waterway.

It provides habitat for rodents, is a fire and flood hazard, and is very hard to remove and prevent re-establishment. Help remove this highly invasive plant and promote the restoration on native plants.

To register for this event, please go to: https://arundoworkday.eventbrite.comBring gloves, hat, sturdy shoes, sunscreen and water.


  1. Turn it into the next gourmet ingredient and it will be gone in no time. Serve it in restaurants. Blackened Arundo. The fashionistas will eat it up — litereally.

  2. Maybe it is time for the state to sponsor native plant replanting. Make approved species available at no cost to scout troops and sanctioned garden clubs and we should be able to get the state looking like California again.

  3. And lets give those dam Eucalyptus trees back to the Australians while we’re at it. Messy AND they fall over.

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