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Buchanan Field Conducting Aviation Fire Drills Oct. 15-19



Who: Contra Costa County Airport Operations, ConFire, Contra Costa County Sheriff, Office of Emergency Services and other mutual aid agencies

What: Live fire training exercises for Aircraft Rescue and FireFighter (ARFF) personnel and mutual aid agencies

Where:  Buchanan Field Airport, Concord, CA (Westside, near Marsh Drive)

When:  Week of October 15th-19th with exercises each day

Buchanan Field Airport is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Logistic Support Area for rotorcraft in the event of major catastrophic events such as earthquakes or fires in the Bay Area. Cross-training with mutual aid agencies helps us to prepare for ANY emergency situations that Buchanan Field and the surround community may face.  Buchanan Field Airport maintains a strong safety record serving a mix of aviation and non-aviation businesses.

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