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Wakey, Wakey… It’s Raining – At Least It Was Early This Morning


Cautionary Video AdvisoryDo NOT Open If You’re Opposed To: Junkie Chic; Gyrating Jagger; Scantily Clad Models; Sexy Sexiness; Rain, or Jabs At Hedge Fund Types.

One of the side benefits of being insomniacs (besides being able to get lots of writing done) is that you get to see stuff everyone else is missing ’cause they’re deep in Nanoo Land.

So we’re noodling away on the computer this morning – a few other sleep-deprived souls to keep us company – when all of a sudden there’s a steady drumming in the Victory Garden and it isn’t coming from the Gary Clark Jr. vid we’re streaming. Being curious by nature we poked our little heads outside and, Lo and Behold, IT WAS RAINING!

It was O Dark Thirty and we had to go stand in it to make sure but, yep, it was rain and dang if it didn’t feel good. Haven’t seen any of the wet stuff since, what? June?

Anyway, sometimes being an insomniac pays off.


  1. People just absolutely losing their – traction – on the roads this morning. Two crashes on the way to work this am.

  2. Wakey Wakey Indeed!
    I can’t help but point out that while Bingbing has been found, alas, Bart O’kavanagh’s alibi and his credibility are still missing. That is a grievous blow to the integrity of the politically constrained FBI investigation and ultimately the politically compromised judiciary…and American democracy. When (hopefully) real investigations begin under a new congress the crisis of confidence in our democracy will only become more extreme. Woe to the founding fathers. A great trial is at hand.
    Nanoo nanoo.

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