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“We’re Semi-Rural… Right, Ma?” – Walnut Creek’s Cows Returning To Sugarloaf Open Space

Photo: City of Walnut Creek

From Nancy Dollard, Open Space Supervising Ranger for the City of Walnut Creek:

Cattle will be returning to Sugarloaf Open Space by the end of September. In keeping with the current grazing regime the cattle will be in defined pastures with electrified fencing. This more intense grazing procedure allows for better coverage of the entire Open Space without the problems of overgrazing in a specific area preferred by the herd. Repairs have been made to the permanent exterior fencing in the grazing area and water troughs have been installed which will provide water access for equestrians and wildlife. Escape ramps for wildlife are installed with the troughs which will allow wildlife to access the water without becoming trapped in the basin.

On another cattle related note, we have asked our rancher to try to always have cattle at Old Borges Ranch that are visible on a continuing basis to visitors at the ranch. This will enhance the visitor experience for everyone and allow staff to include more information on cattle ranching to students on our school tour programs.

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