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Lamorindans, East Bay Residents Open Their Hearts And Pursestrings To Grieving Family


A series of GoFundMe accounts started in the name of a 19-month-old baby girl who died after she was left in the backseat of a hot car in Moraga Tuesday has spurred a furious fundraising effort on behalf of the grief-stricken family.

Accounts started by family friends on behalf of Lily Meyer (Aracic) have soared past stated goals and are pushing into the tens of thousands of dollars – all pledged to go to the child’s family.

An unidentified family member found Lily in a car outside a Hardie Drive home, her frantic cries for help triggering a desperate rescue effort by police and fire personnel. The child, believed to be suffering the effects of intense heatstroke, was rushed to John Muir Medical Center but was later declared dead.

A message on her GoFundMe page read: “Her family, and her community, is heartbroken. Her family’s grief is beyond words, beyond imagination, and beyond what we – her community – can even metabolize.

Organizers pledged that all donated monies, about $40,000 so far, will go to the family.


  1. Thank you News24/680 for this good follow-up story to this heartbreaking tragedy. While the initial story brought some unfair criticism from posters, I think everyone understands now and our hearts go out to the family! What a precious little girl! God rest, and comfort the family. Our hearts break too! We in the Bay Area live in an absolutely crazy fast-paced world and we have all been sidetracked. I personally have and fully understand. I’m glad the funny page has gone so well!

  2. What an adorable little girl. This is a heartbreaking tragedy. Kudos to the generous Lamorindans. Thank you to a gentleman running a site (partnered with this site) for letting parents “express themselves.” Prayers…

  3. The Claycord commentariat mixture of self-righteous dudgeon and inaccurate statements will suit you well. Always new people to rush to blame as facts are revealed.

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