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Freeway Fisticuffs Close Offramp, Bring Police On The Run Monday


In keeping with our current theme about apparently increasing anger levels on our local roads of late several members of the motoring public decided to settle – something – on southbound I680 at Monument Boulevard Monday.

The resulting donnybrook, possibly between a local homeless person and a truck driver initially, expanded until others were drawn into the fray, people swinging away until CHP and Pleasant Hill police officers moved in to shut down the offramp, declare a timeout, and restore order.

We’ll have more if additional details surface. Happy motoring.


  1. I have serious concerns of how the Bay Area has become less civil. Actually rude and hostile has become very common now.
    The Bay Area used to be a very nice place with nice people. I loved it here and I was proud of it here. It has changed! I guess people are just stressed out of their heads here now
    Recent trips to other parts of the State has shown me that it seems to be more if a Bay Area trait now. A shame.

    • It’s everywhere. People are stressed out because we live in less simple times. Breakdown of marriages. Foreclosures. Breakdown of the church. Jobs that don’t last long. Employers treating you like crap. Neighbors that don’t get along. Cost of living. Drug and alcohol problems. Political turmoil. Homelessness. Physical and mental illness, and health care costs skyrocketing. Husbands yelling at the tv because the ballgame isn’t going his way. Only the latter applies to me – and I’m still stressed out – but happy.

      Have a nice evening…

      • Yikes. We were, until you totted it all up! Still feeling pretty optimistic despite the pain life sometimes brings to the party.

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