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Lafayette Police Seek Suspects In Battery Incident

Photo: LPD

From Lafayette PD: 

This morning, Tuesday, at about 4:25 a.m., Lafayette Police Officers were dispatched to a battery incident on the 3500 block of Mt. Diablo Boulevard.

As a Lafayette resident was walking towards the Lafayette BART Station, two individuals pulled up next to her in a dark colored sedan. Both of them were wearing masks.

One subject got out of the vehicle and grabbed the woman, attempting to pull her towards the vehicle.

She was able to break free and yell for help.The subjects then fled the area.

Lafayette Police Detectives are actively investigating the case and are asking anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious during that time to contact the Lafayette Police Department at 94549TIP@gmail.com or Detective Sergeant T. Rossberg at (925) 299-3234. You can also call police dispatch at (925) 646-2441.

Lafayette Police are asking people to always be aware of their surroundings when out walking, especially in the late evening or early morning hours. Call police immediately to report anything suspicious.


  1. Back in my day we used to refer to these as attempted kidnapping. Is there a reason we’re not referring to it in that way?

    • Hey, Tony, we get you… last night’s announcement came directly from the PD and since we didn’t turn up the info ourselves it was their release and we ran it as it came in after marking it so. Your question is our question. We do believe we’ll have something additional to report later this morning. Thanks for posting…

    • Hey, Katherine, it has actually. One of our residents (Lafayette) was chosen at random by a man who drove him to a local bank and ordered him to withdraw money while he remained outside with the gun if we remember correctly. LPD swooped in and arrested the culprit and we believe he is currently a guest of the state.

  2. When the police catch these two maybe they will let the would be victim and me have a few minutes alone with them. I’ll bring my kids baseball bat.

  3. All the women in my life are getting rides to bart from me this morning. This is not the way we are going to live. We’re not going to stand by and let it happen.

    • That’s very considerate of you, Mike, and you should be applauded for caring and taking the time. However, what if you’re outgunned or outnumbered? No one can accurately predict how many miscreants will be facing you next time. This time there were two. Even if there were only one, assuming you don’t have a CCW permit which is rarer than a panda in Yosemite, you could easily be outgunned as the “bad guys” usually don’t give a crap about gun laws.

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