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The Sunday Sermon


In candor, we’ll say we’re not big on religion here in the News Bunker, most of us having any beliefs in a heavenly presence banged out of us many, many years ago.

We won’t get into the reasons, they’re not important to anyone but us, and for those who still hold a belief in a higher power(s) we wish you well. You’re probably in your chosen place of worship right now, with plans for Sunday Brunch or some other get together later. That’s a good thing, too, so – Enjoy.

Locally, we’re standing down a bit for the weekend and enjoying our time with visitors while those who still have to work do all the heavy lifting. Thanks for carrying the workload while the rest of us slouch around entertaining or grilling stuff, but hopefully the overtime pay and eventual time off with your families or others will make it up to you all.

Many readers are still finding time to write and we relish that contact, as always. We’re still getting tips and the usual “what was that siren I’m hearing?” questions and we’re nosing around as usual but it’s harder in flip-flops and an aloha shirt. There was some action down in San Ramon last night (reported mostly by Adam, our Flash Correspondent) and some other activity that didn’t make “The News” but which either made us smile or otherwise crinkled our Neanderthalian brows.

And, as happens every so often, someone objected to something someone else said in one of our comment threads and took us to task for allowing it to pass. We get that people may not agree with what other people have to say or the manner in which they say it but there are options available to you we think are apparent and we’re hoping you’ll avail yourself of them. We’re operating under the premise that most of us are adults here and that the teens cruising us occasionally have probably heard much, much worse in school so as long as our guidelines regarding hate speech, trolling, threats etc. aren’t violated we should be good to go.

Our “If you wouldn’t say it to your neighbor face to face, don’t post it” maxim still holds and, miraculously, the overwhelming majority of you still abide in that approach. Thanks for that. Really.

We’ll seize this opportunity to pass along our approach to news dissemination here at NEWS24/680, something we like to reinforce from time to time as new neighbors join our Merry Band. (Welcome). Our DefCon One stage for news alerts has proven to be our Flash Alert System – which is a subscription-based service offered to those looking for news alerts pushed directly to their smartphone. The Flash has proven to be quite popular and has created a culture of “Flashers” within itself. Links to The Flash signup interface can be found on our web site.

DefCon Two for the dissemination of local news (and sometimes stories of interested to NEWS24/680 readers that are outside our defined geographical area would be our Facebook and Twitter feeds, of course, which are open to all and active. These tend to be a little “chattier” perhaps than the “just the news” approach of The Flash but local news still drives those channels – despite a tendency to post (hopefully) humorous and entertaining subject matter.

A couple of recent DefCon Two-type stories that come to mind would be the gentleman who used his leaf blower so aggressively that the fire department rolled out to investigate the “smoke cloud” above his house as well as the Angry Girlfriend who vandalized her ex-boyfriend’s car only to realize she’d focused her wrath on the wrong vehicle. You get the idea.

DefCon Three is, of course, the Web Site, where all newsworthy long-form stories, local events, letters to the editor and other content lives. Most of the site is free and open to all who may wish to interact with the readership. The web site is “Home Base.” We hope you come home often.

That’s it for this Sunday’s Sermon, NEWS24/680 Parishioners, we’re well into the weekend now with another day off still to come. Enjoy those after-church baked goods or brunch and drop us a line when you find a moment.

And, this Labor Day, remember those whose sweat and energy built this country and who still make it go.



  1. I have no idea who objected to something said (and I really don’t care) but my friend Lisa in Danville complains about the abusive swearing on this site. I told her to call or email JD. People need to lighten-up when it comes to internet comments. If you’re thin skinned or overly-sensitive – don’t read the comments. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

    • This site has abusive swearing? Swearing AT someone or just swearing??? I must be missing something cause I don’t see it here.

      • Have to agree. I’ve been coming here a long time and this is one of the most literate news sites in the area. I can’t remember a 4 letter word stronger than dang and the one time they used a movie clip with the big bad F word in it they gave an ample heads up. I think someone visiting for the first time saw something they didn’t like and is making an issue of it. And for the record I think that person might have better luck elsewhere because if this site offends you then you are easily offended and will have more fun wagging fingers somewhere else!

        • Sue – It was several “f words – two different readers.” It wasn’t my friend Lisa who complained to JD. She complained to me instead. I don’t swear, but I believe in freedom of speech. Lisa has decided not to read News24/680, because she realized it’s JDs decision if he allows swearing, and he does. She emailed me after reading my comment on this site.

          • Sounds like several choices were made here. A reader or two from what — thousands? — chose to use language offensive to someone else on a facebook page. The site manager either didn’t catch it or let them pass – unfortunate I guess but common enough. The offended reader chose to stop reading based on her experience. So choices were made. ‘Merica.

          • He let it pass. He has written articles using the f word himself. (’89 Earthquake). It’s not uncommon to be offended by swearing, especially women. Or aging in general. It’s probably a good thing. I’m respected for not swearing, and I respect people who are offended. There’s nothing wrong with erring on the side of clean language – out of respect for yourself and others. That being said, I don’t care if others swear. I’m not the moral police.

          • I say we hang him. I mean after all — writers shouldn’t be allowed to write with actual words.

  2. People say their going to stop patronizing a business if it doesn’t do what they want all the time. I lose respect for the company that gives in. This company stands by what it says and does and sticks to their word. That’s why I come here for local news.

    • Agree. I’ve seen at least four regular users who have threatened to “stop reading” in a highly public fashion in the past and they are still here — just lurking.

    • People don’t say they’re going to stop patronizing a business if it doesn’t do what they want. They stop when they don’t agree with their policy. There’s a difference. My friend Lisa stopped reading because she found JD “hypocritical.” In his own “About Us 101” write-up, he told his readers to “choose their words carefully – and be nice.” She doesn’t find the f word as “choosing carefully – or nice.” She grew up in Moraga, and has followed JD a long time. She’s comfortable with her decision, and I respect her decision as well. She never expected him to give in to her. She’s making the right decision – for her.

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