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“Emma” – Or Part Of Her, At Least – Comes Down With A Bang In Pleasant Hill


A venerable neighborhood oak tree enjoying protected status on Hardy Circle in Pleasant Hill opted to shed a little weight Thursday – dropping some rather large limbs across and through some neighborhood cars.

“Emma,” as she is known to the neighborhood, woke the neighbors shortly after midnight and brought them running to survey the damage – including a rather severe cleaving of a work truck unfortunately parked on the street and in Emma’s shadow.

A crew from KPIX television shot this footage at the scene.

Neighbors are trying to clean up, restore their damaged cars or secure new ones and figure out what to do about the portion of the tree still standing.

An arborist said the local landmark is about 300 years old.


  1. If a tree falls during the night and crushes your truck, can you hear your insurance adjuster scream with delight?

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