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Blackhawk Coffee And Cars Event Cancelled Due To Noise, Congestion, Law Enforcement Concerns

Screenshot: Blackhawk Automotive Museum

Gear Jammers from the San Ramon Valley and beyond are dealing with news of cessation of the popular “Coffee and Cars” events organized by the Blackhawk Automotive Museum and an area mainstay for automotive enthusiasts over the years.

Organizers cited several reasons for their decision to halt the event. Jon Snyder made the announcement through the museum website:


We have made the difficult decision to end Cars & Coffee as of now. We love the spirit of the event and the opportunity it has provided for the Museum and its volunteers to interact with the local automotive community, but the event has grown beyond our ability to actively monitor with our volunteers and staff. The hazards caused by congestion within the Plaza, noise complaints from the surrounding residential area, and concerns of local law enforcement cannot be ignored.I

I want to thank everyone that has been a part of Cars & Coffee over the years. We have several new ideas in the pipeline at Blackhawk Museum and hope that you will all join us in our future endeavors.

Jon Snyder


  1. I used to enjoy this event greatly. I especially enjoyed seeing the cars of the 50s and 60s along with some very old and very new Exotics.(Rolls’, Bentley, Dusenburgs etcs.) But the character of the event has greatly changed. Soon the the types of cars I just mentioned we’re being edged out by a kind of lower, rowdier crowd coming far from out of the area. Also it seems the event was being taken over by teenagers in their new Mustangs, Camaros and supped up Toyotas and Nissan’s. It was hardly classic cars anymore. So yeah they lost me and apparently a lot of the other people whos places were taken by individuals who certainly didn’t look like they be patronizing any of the local businesses there. I figured that things were going south and I guess the activities and troubles confirm it.

    • We know a lot of people who are happiest with their head under the hood. Born engineers and mechanics and we always liked that. But like most things it grew into something else and changed. It’s a shame, we always admired an aerodynamic bumper.

  2. This is disappointing. My husband and I are car enthusiasts, and we always enjoyed this event. Greg is correct about the crowd changing, but it didn’t bother me. We’re well rounded people, and we can hang with anyone. I liked seeing all the cars. A car show will always attract a diverse crowd, regardless of where it’s held. It was only a matter of time before it changed, and sadly it ended the event.

  3. Can’t say they weren’t warned. And to their credit the event organizers tried to rein in the rev it til your ears bleed crowd.

  4. It’s one thing to have a car show where all that engineering and design and performace can be appreciated — it’s an entirely different thing to turn it into a sideshow.

  5. I am bummed as I go to this show every month, including this morning, unfortunately. I wouldn’t say the ‘kids’ haven’t exactly taken over. If they were not there we would not see the new Bullitt Mustang or the Challenger Demon (the fastest production car made) or the new Z/28 Camaro or any number of new models. I was happy for the mixture. There are also still many other makes and models. The displays of speed and noise are unfortunate because that is what really doomed it for all the rest of us.

    • Sorry, MG… are we to take it from your moniker that you’re a fan of the Morris Garages product line?

  6. Bummer. I enjoy driving events more than car display events, but I have gone to this several times and always found the people and the cars to be great. Feels like they were a victim of their own success. You just can’t that big and widely known to not attract a few bad actors.

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