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Orinda PD Arrests Suspected Burglar On Glorietta Boulevard Early Monday


An Orinda police officer checking out a potential car burglary in the area of Glorietta Boulevard and Heather Lane flushed a man believed prowling the area early Monday, eventually capturing the suspect and taking him into custody at gunpoint.

Chief Mark Nagel said his officers received a call of an attempted auto burglary in the 200 block of Glorietta Blvd. early Monday morning, with one homeowner getting a glimpse of the suspect on his home security system.

Officer Joe Ladner located the individual, who was on foot, at Glorietta and Martha and attempted to stop him, Nagel said, but the suspect fled on foot resulting in a short foot pursuit on Glorietta and into the creek along Glorietta. Another homeowner in the area of the pursuit heard noises in his backyard and called 911, Nagel said, with officers finding the suspect there and taking him into custody without further incident.

Chief Nagel said the suspect was eventually identified as Justin Holbert, 29, from Tracy, Calif. Charges include theft from vehicle, possess burglary tools, possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, probation violation and 3 outstanding warrants for arrest from Alameda and Butte County for theft related charges, according to Nagel.

Additionally, Pleasant Hill suffered a similar auto burglary with the same suspect description, according to the chief, with Holbert identified as the suspect in their crime as well.


  1. First, Gfulcher, thanks for using Zoiks! Always a fave of ours. Second, we won’t bore you with tales of derring do and hair-raising exploits conducted while folks slept in their beds. The guy did a “Cool Hand Luke” through the creek but they eventually caught up to him and brought him out at 215 Glorietta. Awaiting further deets… and, yep, Adam Flashed the heck out of this one, check your phone? Still subscribed?

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  2. Please be careful posting under your real last name and location In Orinda, and letting potential criminals know that your doors and windows are wide open. You never know who is reading, and iit can easily invite more crime into Orinda. It happens on social media all the time. Thank you…

    • We recommend caution and all necessary obfuscation when it comes to relating sensitive information on the InterWeb at all times.

    • Indeed, and thanks for the reminder. Lapse of better judgement on my part. It was implied that the doors/windows were open because we were home, making breakfast and in & out watering plants and such… But I didn’t exactly say that. Too early! J.D. – can you redact or delete my original comment? Seems I cannot.

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  4. Well done Orinda PD!

    Bad guys take note(assuming you can read and write), I saw surveillance cameras being installed in Moraga Country Club today on various streets/intersections that exit the neighborhood.

    • Good! Then perhaps we’ll get video the next time some wannabe U-Boat Commander takes his or her car out for a cruise in the pond!

  5. Jack, thanks for sharing article about suspect’s previous conviction. I hope the guy at least gets poison oak from running through that creek… With our courts, it will probably last longer than his jail sentence

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