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Saggy-Pants Robbers Take Over Martinez AT&T Store; Internet Fashionistas Sharply Critical Of Fashion Sense

Photos: Martinez PD

There were two holdups at the AT&T outlet on Arnold Drive Monday, one when two men robbed the store by implying they had a gun, relieving a company shirt from a store employee and returning to the front counter to “serve” customers – while the second holdup occurred as one thief fought to keep his pants up during the ruse.

The two men shown entered the AT&T Wireless Store around 7:30 p.m. Monday, forced the employee to the rear of the store and took his shirt.

One of the pair returned to the front counter to greet unwitting customers, ultimately taking $179 in cash along with $45,000 in merchandise while struggling to adhere to the company dress code.

Martinez police are asking that you contact Detective Williamson if you can identify these guys (925)372-3451.


  1. I hope they get caught soon!

    Just curious, if these guys are from outside the Bay Area or even outside Contra Costa County then I would assume this information is also push out to other social media sites outside this area? More could be better 🙂

    • Interesting question, George, and we welcome it. We “push” out information as far as we are able within our own networks here at NEWS24/680 – namely, to East County Today and to Claycord on an as-needed basis. That covers most of Contra Costa. We’d like to expand the operation but, well, you know, there’s the whole money and resources thing! All best…

  2. You folks are awesome! I was thinking more like Sacramento, Stockton, etc but I forgot, it takes money and resources to maintain social media sites. Law enforcement also has their ways to get the information out…

    Anything to find these creeps!

    • Thanks for that. Actually, what we’re experiencing now as we grow parallels the law enforcement experience of the 50s, 60s, where limits in communications prevented agencies from “talking” easily with one another, often leading to less-than-favorable results. We, obviously, believe in the power and capability behind our medium and we would like to grow that in the best possible way moving forward. The future has yet to be written!

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