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Santa Cruz Man Visits Pleasanton – Racks Up Impressive List Of Crimes During 48-Hour Stay

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On Friday June 15th, the Pleasanton Police Department responded to a series of crimes that concluded with the arrest of 35 year old Daniel Burns from Santa Cruz County. These crimes occurred between 7 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in the City of Pleasanton.

In chronological order, police described the incidents as:

 Hit and run crash in the area of Stoneridge Dr. and Willow Rd. A stolen Jeep Cherokee from Placer County was abandoned after colliding with several street signs.

 Suspicious person call in the area of W. Las Positas Blvd. and Willow Rd. Construction workers in the area reported a man asked them if they wanted to purchase a rifle. No rifle or weapon was seen.

 Suspicious person call in the area of Stanley Blvd. Passersby reported a male waving at cars.

 Burglary and house fire on Christina Ct. Items missing from the home include two kitchen knives, alcohol and a high school sweatshirt labeled with a name across the back. Damage from the fire is minimal, as the fire was quickly extinguished.

 Vandalism in the 3500 block of Bernal Ave. Three vehicles are reported to have slashed tires.

 Vandalism in a separate location on the 3500 block of Bernal Ave. Nine vehicles are reported to have slashed tires.

 Carjacking in the area of Bernal Ave. and Tawny Dr. After entering a local business and making threats using two kitchen knives, the suspect left the business, approached the carjacking victim and threatened him for the keys to his GMC pickup. An initial investigation quickly determined the crimes were committed by the same suspect.

Evidence collected by officers included video surveillance from several sources. These videos showed the suspect slashing vehicle tires with kitchen knives while wearing the stolen high school sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt was also reported as being worn by the suspect when he committed the carjacking. At 2:25 p.m. on Friday, June 15th, Pleasanton Police received a call from the Fremont Police Department regarding the stolen GMC pickup that was used in a theft from a convenience store. The suspect was seen on surveillance video wearing a high school sweatshirt, which was located near the convenience store in Fremont. This sweatshirt has been identified as the stolen sweatshirt from the Pleasanton residential burglary.

Photo: Pleasanton PD

On the morning of Saturday June 16th, the stolen GMC pickup was located in Santa Cruz County. When Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s deputies contacted the Pleasanton Police Department with information about the recovery, they were informed of the crime spree in Pleasanton and Fremont. A short time later, officers in Scotts Valley were flagged down by 35 year-old Daniel Burns. Burns appeared paranoid and stated he had been on the run for several days from a motorcycle street gang.

Santa Cruz County deputies recognized Burns may be associated to the Pleasanton investigation and contacted Pleasanton PD. Burns was transported to the Pleasanton Police Department where he provided a confession. Burns also told officers the location of a stolen .22 caliber rifle he hid after crashing the Jeep. Through surveillance video, Burns was positively identified as the suspect associated to the June 15th crime spree. He was arrested and transported to Santa Rita County Jail for carjacking, burglary, arson, vandalism, vehicle theft, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

It is not known why Burns was in Pleasanton on June 15th. Pleasanton PD would like to commend the numerous businesses and residents that cooperated by providing video surveillance of these crimes.


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