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Shaved Keys. Meth. Funny Money… And Stun Guns

Photo: Pleasanton PD

On June 8 members of the Pleasanton PD Special Enforcement Unit contacted a man later identified as John Ruybal, hometown unknown, who was allegedly driving a stolen car in their city.

During their discussion with Ruybal, officers discovered that he was also carrying a set of shaved keys for use in stolen cars, counterfeit money, methamphetamine and two collapsible stun gun batons.

Officers were also able to determine that Ruybal had a pending felony warrant for narcotics sales so he was arrested and later booked at Santa Rita Jail.


  1. According to his arrest record, he’s a transient in Pleasanton. Granted, he could be lying to the police. Or lying on facebook. Or forgetting to edit his profile when he moves.

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