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Pittsburg Teen Arrested For Robbery, Use Of Chemical Agent At Lafayette BART Monday

Photo: LPD

An 18-year-old Pittsburg woman was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery and use of a chemical agent in the commission of a robbery after an incident at Lafayette BART Monday.

Details of the incident remain sketchy at this hour but it appears a woman named Diamond Stone was arrested at around 6:30 a.m.

There was no immediate word on injuries to the victim or what if anything was taken.

Lafayette police have remained watchful for incidents in the downtown area after a series of recent robberies and attempted robberies.


  1. Nice work Lafayette PD! I’m seeing Bart PD more present at the Orinda station which is welcome. I’ve never been more unsettled as a Bart patron than I have the last few years, it’s felt like Bart management thought no adult supervision was required.

      • It is a bouillabaisse of bad behavior… addicts sleeping across two seats, filth in the SF stations(urine, feces, garbage littered about), mentally ill passengers with random outbursts, panhandlers, creepy dudes trolling the parking lot, grimy cars/seats….this for me has become normal and I see it all the time. What you don’t typically see is Bart PD actively patrolling.

        • Eww, that would do it, wouldn’t it? We were committed to mass transit for many years and can confirm much of what you report, so yes. As for “Bouillabaise of Bad Behavior,” we intend to steal that as a headline as soon as possible! Neatly done…

  2. Every day I wonder if something might happen. Having had my car broken into (trunk) and everything stolen, two incidents of someone completely cursing me out in a threatening tone for asking them not to push me from behind or to get their backpack away from under my chin/chest (cervical injury this have to look out for that) and a sexual assault in which police basically blew off. I feel completely unsafe on a jam packed circus of insanity that’s hot, uncomfortable and awful just to make a pay check. I arrive to SF annoyed and sometimes dripping of sweat while dressed for work.

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