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Jersey Boy Pays Bedside Visit To Hospice Patient; Leaves Her Starry-Eyed

Nancy and Jersey Boy Miguel Jarquin-Moreland. Photo: Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care of Northern California

We’ve always been impressed by people with natural talent, and our respect ratchets up considerably when they turn out to be down-to-earth, kind, and willing to share their talent with others.

That brings us to Vista Manor Nursing Center in San Jose, music therapist Josephine Huynh from Seasons Hospice & Palliative Care, and a hospice patient slash impatiently bed-bound patron of the arts named Nancy – who so happens to be a committed theater lover and devoted patron of local TheatreWorks productions.

Josephine, who also happens to be a theater afficianado, spends a lot of time talking about plays and show tunes during her visits with Nancy and quickly realized her patient was craving a dose of Broadway.

Nancy mentioned that she’d like to go see one last play, but knew even with comfort medication and assistance, it would be too hard. She told Josephine that the tour production of one of her favorite musicals, Jersey Boys, was coming to San Jose, and she urged Josephine to go see the show and bring back some memories to share.

Josephine went to work, calling booking agents, tour representatives and even calling the show’s Broadway Booking Office in New York – all with no definitive results.

Undeterred, Josephine bought a ticket to the upcoming Jersey Boys production and after the show, waited outside the stage door to do what any true fan would do – snag a cast member.

As midnight approached, the lead character in the show, Miguel Jarquin-Moreland, exited the theater and Josephine timed her approach, telling him all about Nancy and her wish to see one more play. She asked if Miguel would be willing to come sing for Nancy, and without hesitation he said, “Yes, I’ll do it!”

Miguel arrived at Vista to see Nancy the very next day, Jersey Boys poster and cast album in hand, and ended up spending more than an hour with her, chatting, singing, and taking photos – as you can see.

A NEWS24/680 Thumbs Up to Miguel and Josephine and our best to Nancy – who obviously gave their performance high marks.

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