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MOFD Firefighters Extinguish Four-Acre Grass Fire In Moraga Friday

Photo: Dawn Novak

A smoky and apparently fast-moving grass fire was spotted burning behind 15 La Salle Drive in Moraga this morning and appears to have crested the intervening hill on its way toward Campolindo High School.

Moraga-Orinda Fire District personnel and apparatus scrambled to assess the scope of the blaze, maneuvering to get ahead of its front as it moved and appeared to have confined the blaze as it crested the hill.

There are no reports of any injuries or structures threatened at this time. We’re updating, as usual during breaking news scenarios, via Flash and here, as we get additional details.

UPDATE: This blaze declared contained at 11:58 p.m. Mop-up operations underway. Cause of this fire is being investigated and reports that “kids” had been spotted “playing with fire” in the area could not be immediately confirmed.


    • Ha! You bet. We had a very funny email from a Flasher following our alerts on a breaking police action in her city. She said she raised the volume on her phone to make sure she heard the incoming alert and then forgot she’d done that – successfully scaring the bejeebers out of herself when the next alert came roaring in! She said she had the “Exorcist” ringtone on, which made it all the more fun!

  1. Fire started in my neighbors backyard and came into ours. MOFD fire fighters are top notch. I thanked all of them as they came off the hill to get water and rest. They are now digging a fire break around the ash.

    • Nice, Tim, thanks for that. Get an idea of what kicked it off? We’ve had reports of “kids” playing with fire in the area (Rheem Center). And always nice to hand a cool drink to the boys and girls as they come off a fire line. Glad this one wasn’t destructive.

  2. Inspector did his thing and we’ll know more later. I thought it was a neighbor weed whacking to meet the June 15th deadline. I spoke to the person heading up the operation and no kids were mentioned but that doesn’t mean it was or wasn’t kids. Nice reporting JD. You’re FB feed alerted me while at work and I raced home. Our hill is 2 for 2. Consecutive years with a fire.

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