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Electorate Says No To Lafayette’s Homes At Deer Hill Project


In the end, the people spoke – and they said “no” to a developer’s plans to build more homes on a 22-acre parcel bounded by Pleasant Hill and Deer Hill roads, across the street from Acalanes High School.

A yes vote was a vote in favor of adopting the Homes at Deer Hill Project, which included a planned development with up to 44 new homes, park facilities, and rezoning land for the project from administrative professional office to low-density single-family residential.

Opponents countered that the project would mean bring more traffic to an already congested nexus of city roads. The vote has been muddied by some reports that at least two polling places may have had to turn away voters after running out of ballots.

Election results

Result Votes Percentage
Yes 2,189 44.50%
No 2,730 55.50%


  1. Why is the vote always “muddied” in one form or another? And now the developer will sue the people who don’t want their project?

  2. There was going to be legal ramifications between the developer and Save Lafayette regardless of the outcome. I do think the developer’s hand has been strengthened with a 50% yes vote. JMO.

    • It is weak that only 29% voted, but people get sick of politics and sick of politicians. It leads to voter apathy. I used to think it’s the very busy lives we lead, but absentee ballots have been around for quite some time.

  3. Thank god, this makes me happy even though we already left Lafayette last year. Family was there since early 60’s but greedy dishonest city government combined with greedy developers has ruined the city. Thank god its death has been prolonged, yet it is still a place I try to avoid. I rather drive down international blvd in oakland than go to Lafayette aka the time suck.

    Now if they could make a change first that helps the “time suck” before making more housing, but instead they blow smoke up our you know whats with the mentality they need to develop and allow for more people and they will bring in so much money we can fix everything. It’s not flawed logic it’s downright deception.

    • Howdy, Jeremy… don’t want to pry but did you folks fold your tents and move out of state? We ask because we hear so many Old Timers (ahem) are doing that very thing. If so, and if you don’t mind saying, can you tell us where you packed off to? Right now Oregon is the leading alternative, followed by Arizona and Washington State. Just doing a little research! Best of luck wherever you landed!

  4. A temporary victory but we’ll take it with the way things have been going lately. Fewer people, smaller houses.

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