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Graduation Day For Many And Last-Minute Electioneering For Others Friday


Take in the high spirits which usually accompany graduation day, add a dose of Friday night plus a generous pinch of local politics and we’re off and running – it’s Friday Night in the 24/680!

Reports of celebrating up and down our valleys as recently commissioned members of the Class of 2018 shed the hallowed halls of high school and take their first steps as relatively free men and women. So far, a few bizarre sightings of costumed revelers (does anyone streak any more? No?) and reports of solemn, bookish discussions about world affairs taking place in houses and places of contemplation.

Fine. Just everyone be good to one another, don’t give the police people a bad time and don’t get hurt, okay? Pinkie Promise? Cool.

And what would that Friday Night, pre-Election Day window be without some electioneering by locals with a vested interest in an upcoming local ballot measure? We thought the masks were a nice touch – guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens June 5.


    • It didn’t quite meet our standards for a bona fide “plot,” though we know why the schools and police acted as they did. No weapon. No munitions. Just a kid talking – and if we wrote about every one of those we’ve heard about at local schools lately there’d be no room for other news.

    • We have no earthly idea, Maria. We don’t measure ourselves by what’s on Fox News. Our information was that a toy longarm, a vest and some written threats were found during execution of a search warrant. No weapons or munitions. Again, this is a fairly common thing these days, we’re afraid to say. We didn’t see what you saw on television and wouldn’t be able to comment on it.

      • Saw the piece you mention and remember saying $&@&$$ they found a gun. Looked like a Glock. Then I remberered reading no gun was found. Pretty confusing.

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