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Memorial Day Weekend: Cookouts, Crashes, Bad War Movies – Memories

Photo submitted by: Candace Hildebrand McCorkell

Memorial Day and its preceding weekend carry a deep meaning for us here at NEWS24/680, as we’re sure it does for many of our readers.

It’s hard for us in a lot of ways, thinking of friends and family members who served, kissed their families goodbye and never came back – entombed forever in a submarine or hit while landing on a foreign shore. Gone. A smiling face in a fading photograph.

As we’re treated to many Hollywood versions of the nation’s past wars this weekend, many of them laughable for their clumsy, outwardly racist attempts to stir patriotic fervor or dramatize accounts of battles that can never be realistically portrayed, we come back to a reader-submitted photo of a group of kids on a prior Memorial Day – wearing the battle trophies of World War I and especially poignant as one of the boys pictured would go on to serve in World War II, and never come home.

Some of you may remember that World War I was billed as The War to End All Wars but, well, it didn’t. That we’re still locked in conflicts in far-flung corners of the world should not come as a surprise given mankind’s apparent penchant for destruction, but it does. We’re optimists at heart, having seen a little of what human beings can do to each other and hoping we would learn from past mistakes.

NEWS24/680 is standing down a little this weekend in honor of those we’ve lost, and while we’ll be Flashing news of significant events we’ll try not to intrude on your Memorial Day too often. We’ve had a few crashes reported out there but we’re hoping people get to where they need to be and hunker down with friends and family so we’ll get through the weekend unscathed.


    • It is! The headgear of virtually every participating country is represented, even the folded paper “fore and aft” just about every kid in America wore at one time or another. Also a nice stahlhelm on the right! Bet there are a few stories behind them, too.

    • Good eye, Tim! Hard to see the helmewappen in detail but we’d say it’s an issue model 1895. Checking out that saber, too.

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