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What’s Orinda’s Chef Charlie Cooking Up Now? Watch For The Next “DigiBites”


Burgundy? Tuscany? New Orleans? Santa Fe? If it’s known for its food, Chef Charles Vollmar is writing about it.

“Chef Charlie,” as he is known around Orinda, has the enviable task of visiting far-off and often not-so-far-off regions, meeting interesting people and fellow cooks, and cajoling fantastic local recipes out of them for all of you to enjoy and share in.

His tales of epicurean adventure in lovely, sunlit places appear here most every week under our “DigiBites” column offering and are fast becoming a place for people in the 24/680 to meet and talk about recipes, flavors, prep, and kitchen gadgetry.

DigiBites is for people who like to cook – and people who like to hang out with people who like to cook. Questions? Olive oil or salt in the pasta pot? Looking for the best seafood, spices, mustard in the 24/680? Drop the chef a line or two… he likes to talk about his favorite pastime.

And his next DigiBites is on the stove and simmering.


  1. I don’t have questions because I LOVE to cook. I was making foreign foods for my family in the 7th grade. I would like to let Chef Charlie know that this lady in Orinda really enjoys his column! I’m looking forward to his future recipes! I’ve cooked a few, and hope to try them all!

    • We’re certain Chef Charlie is happy to hear that, Danielle, and we’re equally certain our dinner invitations to your house were somehow lost in the mailing. Ahem. Do you favor any specific type of cuisine?

  2. News24/680… We’re really into entertaining. Watch your mailbox! As far as favorite cuisines – probably Italian and French. I enjoy cuisines from around the world. We love to eat. Needless to say, my husband and I spend a lot of time at the gym.

    • Cool. Keep an eye on DigiBites. We think Chef Charlie has plans for all of us who love to eat well. Thanks for writing!

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