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Slightly Peevish, But Hopeful – It’s Friday In The 24/680


It has been a tough week as many of you have noted lately. And even though we have seen much of the travail and hardship and even the agony of recent days many times before it still leaves its mark. We’re human, after all.

We tend to prowl on such days, seeking solace in small things and taking comfort in early morning rituals – before everyone else is up and traffic chokes our roads. The newsroom espresso machine is on and waiting for the troops to arrive, and we find ourselves standing alone for long, lingering moments in our garden, touching the petals of an unfolding rose or trying to read the telltale signs of an animal passing in the night.

It’s quiet, though we know that will change soon. Our thoughts are ours alone and not subject to outside influences – yet.

If you were to describe us today, we guess the operative word would be the one we chose for our title – peevish. Unsettled. A little raw. Perhaps fighting to control an underlying feeling of anger.

So much has got us on edge – many of the same things you tell us bother you at times: the state of the nation; the decline of animal populations and purges against human ones; plastic in our oceans; increasing national debt; declining civility; people who cling to the notion that being deliberately obtuse is somehow – good.

We can add to that the incessant bombardment of updates from people who think we share their joy over the Royal Wedding (wish you guys well but, sorry Old Bean, can’t make the reception); the fact that many MSM stations don’t include Ministry of Propaganda in their identifiers; popup web surveys; arbitrarily changing volume levels on a.) TV commercials, b.) Youtube videos, c.) our smartphone.

We know, we know, we’re going to get the usual “First World Problem” and “Dude, Chill,” responses for this, and we know others are suffering much, much more – but it’s hard to keep that in mind when the remote control dies with the channel stuck on “Jersey Shore;” your computer system compels you to perform a system update and then promptly punishes you by deleting all your data; you finally buy a stock you’ve been researching for months only to have six analysts come out against it that very afternoon and it plummets like Icarus into the sea. That kind of thing – not to mention the very expensive HP printer you have that has suddenly, inexplicably decided to give up the ghost and is now sitting there blinking something that looks like F*** You, F*** You on its touch screen.

Yes, this too shall pass. Got it. Take joy in small things that work well and have a nice lunch with pals (calendared… check). If adding your own pet peeves to this screed helps in any way, feel free to add them in our Comments Section (new and redesigned and, thank the stars, working well so far).

And thanks for letting us vent a little. We needed it. Now, let’s fire up that coffee machine and brew up the first latte of the morning. It’s working, right? Guys? It’s working, right?


  1. Wow! Someone needs a vacay! Happy Friday! Sure hope your streak of bad luck is about to make a U-turn and fill your day with wonderful things.

  2. This may be a little heavier than you were hoping for but a country that allows its children to be killed in their schools every couple of months really pisses me off. As long as you’re making a list.

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