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Walnut Creek Police Turn To “Bait Purse,” Decoy Car In Campaign Against Thieves

Photo: File

Armchair detectives and CSI fans are not shy about suggesting certain crimefighting measures here from time to time – everything from heavy steel doors clanging shut at the Caldecott to laxative-laden bait bags for local pharmacies to hand over to drug-demanding thieves.

We haven’t seen the Caldecott Drawbridge or the bag of “Splodo-Lax” in use, yet, but it appears local law enforcement is turning to technology to help in their battle against local thieves.

Three “unfortunate criminals” (in the words of Walnut Creek PD) found this out the hard way this week, breaking into a car and making off with a purse – an oft-repeated scenario in the 24/680 lately.

Only this time the unfortunates had the misfortune to target a decoy car owned by WCPD and plucked a purse from the vehicle packing a transmitter – a one-two combination which ended in quick capture for three men.

Police arrested Donnell Irvin, Jonathan Poole, and Marcus Collins on an array of charges including auto burglary, conspiracy and probation violation (oh oh, we know you have a lot to say about that, cyber detectives!). They were booked into the Martinez Detention Facility for their trouble.

Police said a replica pistol was also recovered from the car the men, from Suisun City, Hayward and Fairfield, used to commute to Walnut Creek. The pilfered purse was quickly located thanks to its hidden transmitter.

Police, of course, were hoping the news would spread quickly among the criminal community, perhaps giving the next set of thieves a moments pause before snatching a purse or car.

Are other “decoys” in place in the 24/680? We’ll never tell.



  1. Love it and would like to see more of it. I can’t go downtown without seeing someone running from a store these days.

  2. I’m so glad to hear that the Walnut Creek Police are using this tactic to catch criminals. Funny agencies used to do this sort of thing but I think the courts ruled against them saying that they were unfairly bating poor innocent people who are inclined to be Thieves. I’m glad to see this practice starting up again!

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