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Free Coffee And Water On The Iron Horse – For A Worthy Cause. Passersby Dig Deep.

The Lads. Photo: Pamela Dunn

Kids today. Always getting into things and coming up with new ideas.

Jack, Ben, Ethan and Quinn (good strong names there!) were looking for a way to raise money to benefit The Wheelchair Foundation so, nuancing their pitch a bit, they set up shop alongside the Iron Horse Trail at Del Amigo Road in Danville Sunday and offered free coffee and water to runners, walkers, big-hearted folks who couldn’t resist the pitch – or a free cookie.

Donations pouring in. Sometimes a well-placed cookie will loosen the pursestrings.

The lads go to Montair Elementary and will probably end up on the cover of Forbes some day. A big Thumbs Up from NEWS24/680, boys.


  1. They will be there until around 1pm and the cookies and muffins are mighty good. The coffee is Peet’s.

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