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Errant Driver Crashes Into Lafayette’s Uncle Yu’s Saturday – Building Being Evaluated

Photo: Adam Hamalian

An elderly driver steered her car off the second-story parking level outside Uncle Yu’s restaurant in downtown Lafayette Saturday, landing upright in the restaurant’s entry and damaging the structure.

An ambulance was summoned for the driver but no other injuries were reported. A county building inspector was also called to evaluate damage done to the structure and determine whether the business would have to close until repairs could be made.

Investigators said the 96-year-old driver hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes and drove her car into a supporting wall of the restaurant. No injuries were reported inside the building and the driver was treated for minor cuts and scrapes.

Photo: Teresa Lynn Wassmann


  1. it took us months but we finally argued the keys away from dad and he fought us every inch of the way. then a friend of his a few years younger hit a row of parked cars in Oakland and ended up losing just about everything — including his license. dad didn’t argue with us as much after that.

  2. Why don’t they pass a law where you have to get back into a car and be evaluated at like 78? My mother-in-law is 91 and she insists she can still drive. I finally hurt her feelings letting her know how scared I am in the car with her driving. She goes too fast and doesn’t have depth perception. It’s a very tough thing to deal with but my in-laws and my parents deserve us to take care of them now.

  3. Tough Love! It’s not easy but when its time, family members need to step in and take their parents car keys away before they hurt themselves or someone else.

  4. She never took her foot off the accelerator, even after she hit the building. She was pretty confused and really, really lucky

  5. My car has been hit in parking lots three times in the past five years. Two offenders were elderly; the third was a young driver. New drivers will improve with time, but seniors will only worsen. I agree with the poster who suggested behind-the-wheel tests for drivers past a certain age. There are some scary great-grandparents on the road!

    • @Jennifer – Three times! Yikes! Even our luck hasn’t been that bad and it has been bad! Nice post and good points made – the day when we had to talk the keys out of our parent’s hands was traumatic for all concerned. Perhaps those newfangled autonomous cars will solve everything!

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