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Thief Takes Cash Register, Cash From Moraga Auto Center In Pre-Dawn Burglary Wednesday

Photo: File

Moraga police are investigating a pre-dawn “smash and grab” burglary from the Moraga Auto Center location at 1135 Moraga Way in which the thief used a hammer to smash his way into the business.

The burglary occurred at 3:25 a.m. Wednesday with the suspect, described as a Hispanic or possibly Asian male in his 30s, broke in – taking the cash register and a significant amount of cash with it.

A blue Honda Civic, believed stolen in Hayward, was reportedly used during commission of the crime.


  1. Without in any way accusing or impugning the victim of this specific crime, the answer to Danielle’s question is: “people who are trying to avoid paying taxes.” Although most would roll some of their enhanced profits into the purchase of a safe.

  2. Chris – Is that why they do it? I thought it was laziness. Going to the bank every night takes effort. I’ve never been a small business owner, but I’m sure going to the bank every night (deposits) and every morning (to get cash to open) would get old, but it’s better than leaving money in the register.

  3. Article said “significant amount of cash,” so I interpreted as “thousands” and not merely “enough to make change.” Many small (sole proprietor) retail businesses use “pre tax cash” from the till for personal expenses. It’s a flavor of the broader pattern of commingling (non deductible) personal expenses/consumption in with (mostly deductible) business expenses to avoid taxes— although cash is much better since it never even appears on your books (so harder for IRS find in an audit). Again, I was just making a wry observation, not accusing the shop here of any wrongdoing.

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