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Everywhere, This Weekend, You’ll Hear The Sound Of Marching, Charging Feet, Boy

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Apologies to our old friends The Rolling Stones but the lyric seemed to fit the order of the day as thousands of folks head to downtown Walnut Creek today, Saturday, to participate in the March for Our Lives rally.

Police have advised casual visitors to avoid driving and walking in the downtown area between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. due to the march. Downtown streets most affected by the march include Civic Drive, Broadway, Mt. Diablo Blvd., Main St. and Locust Street.

And on Sunday, members of a Topeka, Kansas-based Baptist Church will visit Walnut Creek and bring their “God Hates F(l)ags” messaging to four local churches, whose members tell us they intend to “cookie bomb” the visitors with love and welcoming counter-messaging of their own.

It could get loud, and we’re hoping everyone keeps their heads when taking it to the streets this weekend.


  1. Not sure what this March is about although I can guess. I do wonder about the things no one is marching for and see an elephant in the room. The number of innocent men, women and children killed by the United States is appalling. Let’s stop focusing on symptoms and cure the disease instead.

  2. The national organizers of these marches claim that their objectives are a list of gun control measures that California already has. So, I suppose the local marchers either don’t know that or perhaps are marching to help spread the California status quo across the nation. It’s unclear. Someone should ask them. If we ever go with a consistent, preemptive national set of gun control measures, they would almost certainly be less restrictive than what we already have here. Anti-gun folks here should not be seeking national solutions in D.C., it would seem.

  3. I’m not the far left or the far right, but I know why they’re marching. Even though CA already has gun control measures, the far left march and protest about EVERYTHING. The far left would protest that Wednesday comes once a week. The far right are equally pathetic with their counter – protesting as well.

  4. Pamela, Chris, and Danielle,
    Since you apparently didn’t get the memo, this march is about NOT KILLING EACH OTHER. It’s about taking power back from the NRA and the politicians who enable them.

  5. Cops watching those Baptist Church freaks this morning. I don’t trust myself around them so I’m staying away. The American Taliban.

  6. I’d send the photo of the (very) small group of counter protestors out there yesterday but it would be like shooting fish in a barrel – pun intended. You have to wonder if these people realize they look and act like cartoon characters.

  7. I have reservations about exactly what these marches and demonstration accomplish but I am even more amused by the lengths the “other side” is going to downplay them in terms of size and impact. It’s almost comical – but to be expected in this era of “biggest inaugural crowds in history.”

  8. Linda: Don’t play dumb. The NRA has power because tens of millions of people care enough about gun rights for it to impact their voting (and, in some cases, spending) decisions. Big money alone doesn’t win elections. Ask HRC. At any rate, do we need a march to promote “NOT KILLING EACH OTHER” (emphasis yours)? Harsh truths: other than a focus on mental health, almost nothing short of very vigorous confiscation of all guns has any hope of meaningfully reducing school shooting massacres. If we broaden objectives to cover the 99% of gun deaths that are not mass school shooting, then you need to focus on mental health (~2/3 are suicides) and poverty (poor and minority young men are massively disproportionately represented as both murderers and murdered). Let’s march to end the war on drugs instead. That’ll save many thousands of lives a year and save billions of dollars.

  9. Hey Linda – I know what these marches are about. And all it did was take business away from downtown WC merchants. They accomplish NOTHING. It’s another “feel good” protest from the far left – PERIOD.

  10. I enjoy reading all these posts from the old people who can’t understand the marches. The world is changing and it can be a scary thing Chris & Danielle. Your logic is not applicable in today’s world. Good luck.

  11. I just wish the art of throwing candy during a parade was carried over to marches. We need more candy in this world.

  12. Hey Brian – Marching and protesting has been around a long time. It’s us “old people” who were around when it began. I thought protesting was asinine and ineffectual when I was a little kid in the 60s. I’m not going to change my tune now. It’s the FAR LEFT who’s in favor, and the far left and far right are EXTREMISTS. No, thank you.

    Logic has nothing to do with this. I’m a very logical person, and this is POLITICS. Wise up Brian.

  13. MESSAGE FROM THE MODERATOR: Hi and good morning and good discussion brewing here. PLEASE remember to keep your arguments and laser-like wit focused on the topic and not on one another. You’re big boys and girls, we know, or you wouldn’t be here.

  14. @Linda my point was that if we weren’t continually killing children in other Countries and instead used those billions of dollars on making a better place here at home maybe things would be different here. Danielle, Chris and myself made three very different points and you chose to lump us all together for some reason. The three of us rarely agree on much of anything. I’m all for protesting but have to agree with Danielle that the extremes coming from the left and right have become ridiculous. I have to also agree with Chris on this topic and add that many mass shootings are linked to psychiatric drugs. Why are we not protesting big pharma? http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/another-mass-shooting-potentially-linked-to-psychiatric-drugs-1002085657

  15. If only the right spent as much time trying to fix what’s broken as they do trying to tell everyone that no one really turned out for this and that those who did left trash and that they are simpletons with no hope of actually changing anything — maybe, just maybe we could get something done in this country.

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