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Danville PD Tracks Down “Suspicious Persons” Who Touched Off School Lockdown: Two Bundled Up Senior Walkers

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A story representative perhaps of our current, collective mindset unfolded this morning at a Danville middle school and – aside from giving the two main players involved a start and local police a lighter moment in their day – we’re putting it down as a cautionary tale.

Regular readers are aware this site has reported on some high profile incidents involving threats of violence and even weapons found at local schools recently and local police, of course, are doubly concerned whenever a perceived threat is made known.

Around 10 a.m. this morning, Friday, police in Danville received a call of two men wearing ski masks and heavy jackets in the area of Diablo Vista Middle School, the caller thinking their appearance and proximity to the school “suspicious.”

Needless to say, in this age of “Abundance of Caution,” officers rolled into the area in force and fanned out to find the individuals mentioned, triggering a lockdown at Diablo Vista by school officials as required by protocol.

Officers walked the area and located two likely suspects – an older couple in ski masks and heavy coats bundled up for their morning walk.

Introductions were made, explanations given, and everyone went about their way. Diablo Vista called off its lockdown a short time later. So there it is. A lighter moment, perhaps, in what has been a string of much more fearful ones of late.


    • @Hayden – Calling down the BLUE Thunder! It is why we advise folks to take all necessary steps to ensure you’re reporting something amiss, not something you merely THINK is amiss!

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