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Richmond – National Rosie The Riveter Celebration March 21


Date(s) – 03/21/2018
10:00 am – 11:00 am

Rosie the Riveter Visitor Education Center


Marking the 2018 National Rosie the Riveter Day, Rosie the Riveter Trust and the National Park Service will hold a media availability and photo opportunity on Wednesday, March 21, with local women who worked on the World War II Home Front.

Original WWII ‘Rosies’ – now in their 90s – who serve as national park docents to help educate the public about their efforts and the war, will gather with other local Rosies at the Rosie the Riveter Visitor Education Center in Richmond, Calif., to celebrate the day as part of National Women’s History Month.

Rosie the Riveter Trust is the official partner working to expand park programs and build a community of support for the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park. For more information about the Trust and its role in supporting park programs, visit the Trust’s website at www.rosietheriveter.org.


  1. This is good! It is good to remember this, but how about moving on and updating this for modern times and modern women. Is it possible to celebrate 21st century women? The movie Hidden Fences, (I jest about the title) was a more recent (20th century) movement toward equality in the workplace. Don’t we have something about Ivanka (Heh heh, sorry I’m kidding again) or Oprah that we can salute in modern times. Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos, no, she may be going to jail. Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, no she’s definitely got a lot of splaining to do. Who is the 21st Century Rosie. Rosie survives as a memory or story told from a distant past. Is it possible to appoint a Rosie who can last more than 15 minutes in the world of today. Was Katy Perry Rosie for 15 minutes? Was Lady Gaga Rosie for 15 minutes? I do know the mature ladies at Safeway who check my groceries are NOT Rosie. They get no respect. They are not iconic. Rosie is a 70 year old icon, and we celebrate that because we don’t have anything new to celebrate, apparently.

  2. Imagine – the entire nation united and working toward one common goal. I would say those were the days except well, they were fighting a world war and won it.

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